Name "Tesla's Plan Of Electrically Treating School Children"
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814 POPULAR ELECTRICITY MAGAZINE room of a number of insulated cable wires through the walls. These wires will be so carefully concealed as not to be noticeable to the pupils. Every ef- fort will be made to keep the knowledge of the experiment from them. In gen- eral appearance the room will not differ from the ordinary bright, sunny, cheer- ful school room with its desks and other useful fixtures. A high frequency current of millions of volts will be generated in an apart- ment properly arranged for the purpose outside of the school room. When school begins, by simply turning a switch, the high frequency current \vi\l be turned on, by one of the instructors, and shortly afterwards the school room will become completely saturated with infinitesimal electrical waves vibrating at high fre- quency. The whole room will thus, Mr. Tesla claims, be converted into a health giving and stimulating electro-magnetic field, or “bath." When the inventor’s plan was first brought to the attention of the Board of Education in New York, a lively con- troversy over the benefits of the proposi- tion ensucd. A fear existed on the part of some of the members of the board that the stimulation of the defective chil- dren, during the experimental period of six months, might be followed by a more or less prolonged or permanent reaction. These educators based their view upon the position taken by Professor W. C. Bagley of the Department of Physiology of the University of Illinois, who has made the statement that it would be years before it could be determined whether bad effects followed such an electrical experiment. Mr. Tesla and other noted electrical experts, who have had great experiencevwith high frequency currents, claim that Professor Bagley is at fault in his presumption. As proof they point to the fact that Mr. Tesla’s project is more than a plan as, in Stockholm, it has already been car- ried out by Professor Savante Arrhenius \vith school children and proved most successful. No after effects except those of a beneficial nature have been observed, although they have been carefully looked for. According to Tesla the high frequency current sets up in the body what he describes as a sort of molecular massage or tissue gymnastics. The tiny particles of which the body is composed are con- stantly in motion, and the high frequency current causes them to move about in a. livelier fashion and increase in number. This unusual activity of the molecules of the human body brings about increased oxidation-the burning up of the waste product of the body by oxygen. He acknowledges that his plan of stim- ulating dull pupils by saturating them with electricity is based on tl\e well known theory of stimulating Z plant growth by electricity-a theory which has been successfully carried out in Eng- land by Sir Oliver Lodge, and has also been tried with favorable results by sci- entists in Denmark and Belgium. The up to date l1ome of the near fu- ture, Mr. Tesla believes, will not only be a place of rest, ease and comfort, but a health resort and a sanitarium as well, making seaside vacations unnecessary. It will be equipped with high fre- quency electrical apparatus which will without the knowledge of the inmates keep them constantly charged with elec- tricity, thereby warding off many ills and aches now common, and making the workers always tit for the battle of life. By means of the high frequency currents, he says, all the benefits of the seashore may be obtained right in the crowded city, Instead of spending a fe\v weeks by the sad sea waves every summer, a man and his family may derive all the benefits of the seaside in his own home all the year around.

December 1912 POPULAR ELECTRICITY MAGAZINE 813 Tesla’s Plan of Electrically Treating School Children By E. Lellie Gilliam: Nikola Tesla believes he has found an electrical way of lessening the burdens of school life and the difficulties of ac- quiring education. A few< months ago Mr. Tesla laid before the superintendent of the schools of New York, William H. Maxwell, a plan for making dull pupils bright by saturat- ing them unconsciously with electricity. Mr. Maxwell, an emi- nently progressive and practical man, after a careful investigation of Mr. Tesla’s plan, arrived at the conclusion that the experiment could not possibly do the pupils any harm, seemed feasible, and to prom- ise the accomplishment of great good. Therefore he endorsed it for a six months’ trial. News of the new electrical project has leaked out in the school world, and the eyes of progressive schoolmasters all over the United States are now turned towards New York, and many inquiries have been received by Mr. Maxwell, re- questing particulars regarding this novel electrical educational experiment. Nothing in detail, however, will be furnished for awhile, as after- the test has been made, careful calculations must be undertaken and conclusions and de- ductions drawn therefrom. It has been announced that the eicperiment is first to be conducted on a class of mentally defective children, the most ditficult of all pupils to handle, and the bane and trial of every school tcacher’s life. Mr. Tesla’s plan for the arrangement of the experimental electrical school room, which has received Mr. Maxwell’s approval, calls for the installation in this