Above: Iwona Rudinska. Photo: Peter Vujovic.

Iwona Rudinska speaks five languages and, trained as a nurse in Poland, immigrated to America as a 20 year old. By age 35 she was an American citizen, had five children and directed and edited several documentaries including a video on the life and work of Nikola Tesla. This Tesla documentary sparked her interest in the inventor and, after four years of research and a great deal of work, finally produced The Tesla Collection. The eclectic Ms. Rodinska also paints and some of her work can be found on her website: rudinska.com.


Marko Vujovic has been fascinated with computers and the internet since an early age. He received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from SUNY New Paltz. He has worked in a wide range of fields - Ecommerce, Data Reporting, Inventory Management and many others. Marko was responsible for converting the "Tesla Collection" from a print media into a digital platform where users can search by publication, author, subject and date.